Join Hands to Promote Diversified Development of Macao's Industry - Hengqin International Science and Technology Innovation Center Promotion Conference Held in Macao


On the afternoon of April 11, a presentation of Hengqin international science and technology innovation center entitled “one heart for a better future” was held in Macau University of Science and Technology. Sponsored by Zhuhai Dahengqin Innovation and Development co., Ltd., this promotion meeting invited the main functional departments of Hengqin new area government to jointly interpret the latest policies and business environment concerning Macao in Hengqin new area, aiming to show the platform advantages of deepening cooperation with Macao in Hengqin new area and provide assistance for Macao enterprises to integrate into the overall development of the country.

▲Promotion Meeting

Lin Xibin, head of the Business Bureau of Hengqin new area, Xu Shuhui, researcher; Luo Zejun, deputy researcher of Macao Affairs Bureau of Hengqin new area; Lin Mu, chairman of Zhuhai Dahengqin Innovation and Development co., Ltd.; He Jinglin, President of Macao Federation of Industry and Commerce and more than 100 government and enterprise representatives attended this promotion meeting.

Guest Speech


▲He Jinglin, President of Macao Federation of Industry and Commerce, said that the introduction of the development plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area has consolidated the foundation for the common development of Hengqin and Macao. He hoped that Hengqin could provide more application scenarios for the innovation and entrepreneurship of Macao small and medium-sized enterprises, establish a sustained and effective communication mechanism with Macao enterprises, actively exchange the latest information and policies through BBS, promotion meetings and other forms, and promote more Macao enterprises to enter Hengqin and choose Hengqin.

Project Promotion


Through policy explanation, enterprise sharing, project publicity and interactive questioning, the promotion meeting comprehensively introduced Hengqin business environment, business registration process, cross-border office policy, tax policy and talent policy for Macao enterprise representatives.

Enterprise Sharing

▲As one of the highlights of this promotion meeting, Chen tianlan, President of Zhuhai Digifluidic Biotech co., Ltd., and Zhang Meiran, vice President of Macao Business Daily New Media Group co., Ltd., Shared their experience and impressions in Hengqin.

Q & A


▲For various reasons, Macao enterprises still have limited channels to understand Hengqin's industrial layout and construction speed. The promotion meeting set up a face-to-face communication platform, Hengqin Business Bureau chief Lin Xibin, Hengqin Macao Affairs Office deputy researcher Luo Zejun and chairman of the board of directors of Chuangfa company answered some questions concerning Macao enterprises on the spot.