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Senior Equipment R&D Engineer

Number of recruits: 1

Bachelor degree or above;

Electronics, automatic control, machinery and other related majors;

More than 6 years working experience in equipment development;

Experience in the whole process development of IVD equipment is preferred, and project management experience is preferred;

Comprehensive ability, strong sense of responsibility, management ability, strong self-learning and understanding, strong execution.

Software Engineer

Number of recruits: 1

Bachelor's degree;

Software, computer, electronics and other related majors;

More than 2 years working experience in software development, more than 5 years is preferred;

Proficient in C#, C++, JAVA, one of the C languages;

Familiar with Windows and Linux systems, including use, operation and maintenance, basic commands, writing shell scripts, etc.;

Experience in software development of upper and lower computer for medical devices is preferred;

Rigorous thinking, strong logic, good software design ideas and standardized programming habits.

Embedded Engineer

Number of recruits: 1

Bachelor degree or above, more than two years of relevant work experience;

Proficient in embedded system development; Experience in ARM, 51 microcontroller, FPGA, DSP development is preferred; Able to read technical documents in Chinese and English;

Ability to work independently, team spirit, sense of responsibility and communication skills.

Experience in medical device product development is preferred.

Quality inspector

Number of recruits: 2

College degree or above;

Work conscientiously and responsibly, rigorous and meticulous, have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, strong execution and principle;

Familiar with the relevant laws and regulations of medical devices, in vitro diagnostic reagents or drugs, and QC work experience in the in vitro diagnostic reagent industry is preferred;

Familiar with biological raw materials, general raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, semi-finished products and other inspection methods, with corresponding professional and technical skills;

Familiar with molecular testing work experience is preferred;

Familiar with GMP production quality work, understand the priority of ISO9000 quality management system.

Registration Specialist

Number of recruits: 1

Bachelor degree or above, major in bioengineering, clinical medicine, electronic engineering and other medical device related majors;

Familiar with the laws and regulations of medical device production and operation, the registration process of medical device products and the preparation and declaration of product registration materials;

Two years or more experience in the registration of domestic Class II and Class III in vitro diagnostic medical devices is preferred;

Familiar with the quality management system, ISO9001, ISO13485 and internal auditor certificates are preferred;

Have good communication skills and teamwork spirit, sense of responsibility, enterprising, and work attitude.

Production Supervisor

Number of recruits: 1

Bachelor degree, outstanding ability can be relaxed to junior college.

Biology, medicine or medical device related majors.

More than 3 years of relevant work experience, LCD screen production related work experience.

Have a strong sense of responsibility, strong ability to withstand work pressure, and be interested in management.

Focus on the interests of the company and have team spirit.

Cheerful personality, strong communication and coordination skills.

Understand applicable laws and regulations.

Microfluidic Engineer

Number of recruits: 1

Master's degree or above, doctoral degree is preferred;  

Microfluidics, chemistry, biotechnology, bioengineering, polymer materials and other related majors;

More than one year of relevant work experience is preferred;

Familiar with the design, production and application of digital microfluidic chips, master the interdisciplinary knowledge and special production technology related to microfluidic chips; Familiar with computer-aided design software; Solid microfabrication background, especially microfluidic chip lab, MEMS, microfluidic chip design and processing research or system development experience is preferred;  

Strong logical thinking ability, rigorous work, strong learning ability, good communication skills and teamwork spirit.    

If you are interested, please send your resume to Dr. Chen

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