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Software Engineer

Hiring Number:1

Educational Requirements:Associate degree or above, with priority given to undergraduate degree

Major Requirements Software, computer, electronics, or other related majors

Work Experience:1 year or more of work experience is preferred

Required Skills:Proficient in .NET Framework (C#) or embedded system development; able to read technical documents in Chinese and English

Personal Qualities:Ability to work independently, possess team spirit, sense of responsibility, and communication skills

Microfluidics Engineer

Number of hires:2 people

Master's degree or above, doctoral degree preferred

Related majors include microfluidics, chemistry, biotechnology, bioengineering, and polymer materials

Candidates with more than one year of relevant work experience are preferred

Familiar with the design, production, and application of digital microfluidic chips, as well as cross-disciplinary knowledge and specialized production techniques related to microfluidic chips; Familiar with computer-aided design software; Candidates with a solid background in microfabrication, especially those with experience in microfluidic chip laboratories, MEMS, microfluidic chip design and processing research or system development are preferred

Strong logical thinking ability, rigorous work, strong learning ability, good communication skills and team spirit   

Sales Representative

Number of openings:3

Educational requirements:College diploma or above

Major requirements:No specific major requirements

Work experience requirements:Over 1 year of relevant work experience

Skill requirements:Possess certain industry sales experience and strong sales ability; preference given to those with a background in electronics, biology, or medicine

Molecular Biological Engineer

Recruiting number:3

Full-time bachelor degree or above;  

Majors in Molecular Biology, Bioengineering or other related fields;

More than one year working experience. Experience in developing, transferring and registering test reagents is preferred.;

Familiar with the principle, design and R&D process of various types of PCR, or the principle of antigen and antibody detection;

Serious and down-to-earth; Patient, meticulous and responsible; Strong learning and understanding ability; Good at thinking. 

Embedded System Engineer

Recruiting number:1

Bachelor degree or above; 

Major in Software, Computer, Electronics or other related fields;

More than 1 year working experience preferred;    

Proficiency in embedded system development; Experience in ARM, 51 MCU, FPGA, DSP development preferred; Ability to read Chinese and English technical documents.

Ability to work independently; Rich of team spirit, sense of responsibility and communication skills. 

Process Engineer (Reagent)

Recruiting number:1

Bachelor degree or above, major in chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, material engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, etc.

3 years or above working experience in manufacturing, process improvement and quality management in pharmaceutical industry;

Familiar with the laws and regulations of drug or medical device industry, and understand the production and processing technology of products.

Process Engineer (Automation)

Recruiting number:1

Bachelor degree or above, major in electromechanical, automation, etc.

At least 2, 3 years related work experience, with automation equipment development and introduction, project promotion experience;

Familiar with industry regulations of medical devices, national standards and industry standards;

Rigorous work, strong sense of innovation, good teamwork spirit;

If you are interested, please send your resume to Dr. Chen

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