Research Collaboration

Our research collaboration section is designed to help your research team access the latest technical support and establish a long-term partnership with us. If you are interested in collaborating with us on research projects, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will provide you with more detailed information as soon as possible.

Technical Support:
We have a professional technical team that can provide you with technical support and guidance related to digital microfluidics. We can collaborate with your team to ensure that you can fully utilize our technology to achieve your research goals.

Customized Solutions:
We can provide customized solutions for you based on your research needs. Our digital microfluidic technology can be applied in multiple fields, including nucleic acid diagnostics, cell analysis, comprehensive molecular biology analysis, microbial analysis, and more. We can provide you with customized services that meet your experimental needs.

Data Analysis:
We can provide data analysis services for the data generated from digital microfluidic experiments. Our technology can produce a large amount of data, and we can help you process and analyze this data, extracting useful information from it.

Training and Communication:
We can provide training and communication opportunities for you and your team regarding digital microfluidic technology. We can offer online or on-site training courses for you and your team to ensure that you fully understand and master our technology.

Cooperation with Universities and Laboratories