Our ODM service is designed based on our customer's needs. We will work with you to identify your specific requirements and provide customized solutions.

Our Advantages

Precision digital microfluidic design - With our extensive experience in digital microfluidic technology, our design team can create complex chips and instruments to meet our customers' requirements.

High-quality production - We provide high-quality production services in ODM, ensuring that each digital microfluidic chip and instrument meets the highest industry standards.

Advanced manufacturing equipment - We have the latest manufacturing equipment to produce high-quality digital microfluidic chips and instruments.

Service Process

Requirement analysis:Understand the customer's needs and goals, clarify the scope, objectives, and constraints of the project.

Design phase:Based on the results of the requirement analysis, design the hardware and software of the digital microfluidic chip, including circuit design, layout and wiring, and packaging design.

R&D phase:Implement the design and develop the chip, including prototype design, testing, and validation.

Production phase:Conduct batch production of the chip, including manufacturing, testing, and quality control.

Testing phase:Test the performance and functionality of the chip, ensuring its stability, reliability, and compliance with specifications.

Delivery phase:Deliver the digital microfluidic chip to the customer, including necessary documentation and technical support.

Digital microfluidic (DMF) chips have a wide range of applications, from biomedical and chemical sensing to microfluidic automation and drug delivery. DMF chips provide unprecedented control over fluid flow and allow multiple components to be integrated into a single, smaller device. DMF chips can be used to perform complex biochemical tasks with high precision and accuracy. For example, DMF chips can be used to precisely control the concentration of reagents in a reaction, or to perform microfluidic sorting or separation. DMF chips can also be used for cell sorting, microfluidic cell culture, and drug delivery. DMF chips have several advantages over traditional microfluidic systems, including higher accuracy, lower cost, and faster response times.

Compared to traditional detection methods, we integrate the entire detection and analysis process into a single digital microfluidic chip, and all operations can be completed under the control of preset programs, greatly improving automation. Our product can be carried by one person and quickly transported to the site. In addition, the operation is simple, and users do not need professional molecular diagnostic knowledge or long-term training in experimental operation skills, reducing costs while improving the timeliness of diagnosis. Our target customers include medical institutions that need to perform disease detection, agricultural units that need to perform animal and plant quarantine, as well as government departments for food safety, import and export inspection and quarantine, and so on.

Cooperation Cases

Animal origin testing

Digifluidic Bio cooperates with China National Research Institute to provide testing solutions for meat adulteration in some regional markets. Applying the rapid detection technology of digital microfluidic panel platform, nucleic acid detection of six components of animal origin, we are able to conduct rapid, effective and accurate testing of beef, mutton and duck blood in the field to determine whether such goods are adulterated.

Aquaculture Testing

Digifluidic Bio has entered into cooperation with many head enterprises in aquatic related industries, such as KERRIC TESTING, Guangdong Holdings Limited., DAAN GENE and DHelix, to provide the latest diagnostic technology and all-round problem solutions for several head enterprises in Zhuhai with technical advantages. The technical help can effectively control the spread of diseases and reduce the economic loss in the breeding process.

Pet Pathogen Testing

The strategic cooperation between Digifluidic Biotech and Zhuhai NONGDALIDE Pet Hospital brings a new diagnosis and testing concept. Using digital microfluidic technology, we can realize laboratory-free, and all testing steps can be completed in the panel, realizing "one piece of multi-test". By applying the advantages of microfluidic technology, we can reduce the cost of testing, the cost of laboratory construction and the labor cost of professional examiners, while improving the speed and accuracy of testing.

Industry-academia-research cooperation between Digifluidic Bio and CDC

Using digital microfluidic technology, we have realized the nucleic acid co-testing of multiple respiratory susceptibility viruses of novel coronaviruses, influenza A, influenza B and other coronaviruses (SARS, MEMS), and produced a package of products including reagents, panels, equipment and software.

Food Safety

Participated in the development and drafting of the Guangdong Food Industry Association's group standard - "Rapid Detection of Multiple Plant Origin Components in Plant Protein Beverages by Digital Microfluidic panel Method", which can quickly detect adulteration in plant protein beverages on site.

Respiratory Multi-Test

Digifluidic Biotech and Wuhan Easydiagnosis Biomedicine are collaborating on the development of a multi-test product for respiratory tract infections. The product has been validated by a hospital's initial clinical and has been recognized and approved by the frontline staff.

Cooperation with Universities

Digifluidic Bio provides technical support for universities and has deep cooperation with many universities in the field of production, education and research, such as: Jinan University, UIC, South China Agricultural University, Dalian University for Nationalities, Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology, Hainan University, Hohai University, Beijing University of Technology.

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