Digital Microfluidics Nucleic Acid Applications Platform

DMF Nucleic Acid Application Platform The Digital Microfluidics Nucleic Acid Applications Platform (DMF) is a chip technology used to implement nucleic acid detection applications, which can greatly improve the efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility of genetic testing. The platform can be used to carry out a variety of experiments, including nucleic acid amplification, sequencing library construction, and gene sequencing. Among them, nucleic acid amplification technology can be used for rapid detection and identification of pathogens, effectively identifying the pathogen species, and accurately diagnosing patients' diseases. In addition, the platform can also be used to achieve more accurate, efficient, and comprehensive nucleic acid applications by implementing sequencing library construction and gene sequencing.

Virus Hunter Plus
Product Features

Easy Operation: Can be operated by non-professionals.

Real-time Detection: Not limited to professional laboratory environments, suitable for various detection scenarios.

Fully Enclosed: The reaction process is entirely contained within a sealed chip, preventing cross-contamination.

Flexible Customization: Can be tailored to meet customer requirements through ODM and OEM collaboration.

High Integration: Nucleic acid extraction and amplification are carried out on the same chip.

Current Status

Applied in fields: Agricultural disease detection, food safety testing, pet pathogen diagnosis, and medical in vitro diagnostics.

Ready for mass production and shipment.

Optical source: LED
Detector: photoelectric multiplier tube
Temperature Ramp Up Speed: >8℃/s
Temperature Ramp Down Speed: >5℃/s
Temperature Control Precision: ±0.05℃
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5℃
Nucleic Acid Collection Efficiency: 60%
Extraction Time: 7 minutes
Fluorescent Detection: Any combination of two channels among FAM, HEX, ROX, and CY5
Volume: 330×240×250 mm
Weight: 9 kg Power
Supply: 220V, 50Hz, 150W
Virus Hunter
The Virus Hunter is a medical testing device with the following features

Can detect more than six diseases using a single chip

Easy to operate, does not require professional expertise

Fast detection time of 30 minutes

Affordable, with single-item detection costing less than 50 yuan

Customizable to customer needs with pre-embedded test reagents

Currently, the Virus Hunter has been used for testing aquatic shrimp and market meat sources using constant temperature amplification detection. It has obtained a Class II medical device certificate and CE certification and is ready for shipment.

For after-sales service, the device needs to be serviced by a technician (connector replacement) after testing more than 60 times.

Optical source: LED
Detector: photoelectric multiplier tube
Thermal module: temperature heating module built into the chip
Maximum heating rate: 5℃/s
Temperature accuracy: ±1℃
Temperature range: room temperature to 100℃
Detection items: 1-8
Detection volume: 1.5 ul~3 ul
Fluorescent detection: FAM/HEX/ROX/CY5, any two-channel combination
Dimensions: 270x100x190mm
Net weight: 1.75kg
Power supply: 24V, 3A
Virus Hunter X

Differences from Virus Hunter •Detection channels: supports up to 10 chips detection simultaneously •Dimensions: 593x407x517mm •Weight: 26.25kg •Power supply: 220V AC

Current status •Applied in aquaculture shrimp six-item test, market meat source test (constant temperature amplification detection) •Daan tuberculosis drug resistance test (PCR amplification detection) •Product ready for shipment

After-sales service •After single-channel testing of the device exceeds 60 times, it needs to be serviced by a technician (connector replacement).

Virus Hunter 2.0
Product features

High integration: nucleic acid extraction and amplification are completed on the same chip

Easy to operate: Non professional personnel only need one step to complete

Flexible customization: can embed extraction reagents (liquid) and detection reagents (drying) according to customer needs

Existing status

It has been applied to COVID-19 test and upper respiratory tract test (extraction and amplification integrated test)

DMF2.0A (Gold Finger) can be used for shipment (after testing 50 pieces, after-sales maintenance is required)

Optical light source LED
Detection head photomultiplier tube
Thermal temperature heating module chip built-in
Average temperature rise and fall rate 2.5 ℃/s
Temperature accuracy 95 ℃± 2, 60 ℃± 1
Temperature range: room temperature~100 ℃
1-8 detection items
Detection volume 5ul~6ul
Detect fluorescence FAM/HEX/ROX/CY5 four optical paths
Appearance and body size
Net weight of the fuselage 3kg
Power supply 24V, 4A
Product Features

Visual observation: the movement of droplets inside the chip can be observed with the naked eye.

Flexible customization: specific droplet movement paths can be set according to the requirements.

Current Status

Has been used for internal liquid transfer observation in the company.

Has been applied to the microfluidic basic development platform at the University of Toronto.

Has been finalized and ready for shipment.

Optics: Light source not included, detection head not included.
Thermal: Temperature heating module built-in, maximum heating rate of 5℃/s, temperature accuracy of ±1℃, temperature range of room temperature to 100℃.
Detection: No detection project, detection volume, or fluorescence.
Appearance: Body size of 270x100x100mm, net weight of 1.2kg, power supply of 24V, 3A.