We are committed to using microfluidic technology and biotechnology to develop more efficient and cost-effective biotech products and solutions to improve people's health and happiness.
Design, develop, and manufacture medical, diagnostic, and laboratory instruments

The R&D personnel, designers, engineers, technicians, and operators of Digifluidic Biotechnology possess professional knowledge and expertise, which can ensure the full process of product development to achieve high efficiency and quality.

With 14 years of deep cultivation in digital microfluidic technology, we have a clear understanding of the application scope and prospects of this technology, and provide professional and authoritative advice to customers. The DMF technology platform developed by Digifluidic Biotechnology can greatly shorten the research and development cycle and cost. At the same time, the company has rich experience in digital microfluidic technology, biosensor technology, ultra fast DNA melting curve analysis (MCA), optoelectronic detection technology, and wireless transmission of the Internet of Things. We can provide customized microfluidic chip design and process development solutions for various life sciences, in vitro diagnostics, and other medical applications.

Digital Microfluidics Nucleic Acid Applications Platform

DMF Nucleic Acid Applications Platform The Digital Microfluidics Nucleic Acid Applications Platform is a chip technology used to achieve nucleic acid detection applications, which can greatly improve the efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility of gene detection.

DMF Nucleic Acid Application Chips

DMF Nucleic Acid Application Chips DMF nucleic acid chips can be used for various applications, including fluorescence quantitative PCR (qPCR), protein expression analysis, and molecular diagnostics. The advantage of these chips is that they can quickly and sensitively detect trace samples, and can simultaneously detect multiple nucleic acid markers on a single chip. They can be used for nucleic acid quantification and the study of gene expression, protein expression, and more.