Ultra-fast DNA Melting Curve Analysis

Within 7 seconds, the ultra-fast DNA melting curve analysis method based on digital microfluidic chip can analyze a microliter liquid sample (1.2uL), and the resolution of the melting peak can be as low as 1.6℃, making it sufficiently sensitive to detect single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP).

Ultra-fast DNA melting curve analysis is suitable for microliter microfluids on our panels. The ultra-fast analysis method on digital microfluidic chips runs 300 times faster than that on traditional PCR machines, and the sample usage is 20 times less. High precision temperature control module is integrated on our chip, so that the melting curve analysis (MCA) during and after nucleic acid amplification can be completed on one chip. Because of the small reaction system, the temperature cycle of nucleic acid amplification process and MCA temperature control can be faster, which can shorten the detection time and generate the detection report for customers more quickly.