In reagent pre-storage, we mainly used freeze-drying technology to keep reagents from spoilage. The ultimate form of the seal on the panel was obtained by pre-freezing, depressurization, low temperature heating and drying.

  • During the whole freeze-drying process, proteins, microorganisms and other substances will not denature or lose their biological activity; the loss of volatile components is small; the growth of microorganisms and the role of enzymes can not be carried out, so the original properties can be maintained;

  • Drying under freezing condition will hardly cause change of the volume, and concentration phenomenon will not occur;

  • After drying, the substance dissolves rapidly and completely after adding water, and almost immediately restores its original properties;

  • Drying in vacuum can avoid oxidation;

  • Drying can remove more than 95-99% of the water, and the product can be preserved for a long time without deterioration.



The application of freeze-drying technology ensures the portability of our products; reagent pre-storage can save the time of sampling reaction and make patients get diagnosis in time; reagents can be stored for a long time and is not easy to deteriorate, which ensures the accuracy of diagnosis.