Pathogen Panel

In daily life, infectious diseases are a major hazard affecting our quality of life. From the most common influenza, to tuberculosis, syphilis and other infectious diseases, the potential danger can not be underestimated. In particular, lower respiratory infections often rank among the leading causes of death in China. In real life, cases of death caused by infectious diseases that have not been diagnosed and treated in time also occur from time to time. However, it usually takes a certain amount of waiting time to receive diagnosis and treatment in the hospital. Considering the severity range of diseases, patients sometimes can not go to the hospital in time.


Our detection panels are used in cooperation with the automated detection platform Virus Hunter and are pre-stored with a variety of different reaction reagents at one time according to actual needs. At present, it is a joint test of 12 indicators and can be detected at one time. In actual operation, traditional PCR requires sample preparation, nucleic acid extraction, purification, amplification, hybridization with markers and other steps before final detection. This process is time-consuming, easy to pollute, and has higher requirements for operators and sites. Our panel has the characteristics of miniaturization, integration and automation. It can detect multiple indicators at a time, which largely solves the above problems, saves time and effort, and reduces pollution. For infectious disease patients, we can pre-store up to 12 kinds of pathogen reagents on the panel, which can detect the specific pathogen at a time, so that patients can receive more targeted treatment. This is a quick process to avoid the deterioration that can result from not being treated in time, and to facilitate detection at home.

Detectable Pathogen

Detection KitMicrofluid-controlled Fluorescence PCRCo-development with Daan Gene
Mycobacterium tuberculosis drug resistance detection kit
Detection kit for influenza a virus, influenza b virus, respiratory adenovirus and respiratory syncytial virus antigen——
Detection kit for human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis c virus, treponema pallidum, hepatitis b virus ——

Operation Flow