Health Panel

Are you fat prone? Are you good or bad at metabolizing alcohol, lactose, caffeine? Does your skin resist aging? Is there a risk of certain diseases? Is your child good at math? Is he/she with high EQ or high IQ? Artistic or athletic? Is there a risk of ADHD? ... The genes that determine these factors can be detected by our small panel, helping you adjust your diet in a more targeted way and prevent the occurrence of certain diseases, helping your child develop his or her strengths and grow up better.


Our detection panels are used in cooperation with the automated detection platform Virus Hunter and are pre-stored with a variety of different reaction reagents at one time according to actual needs. At present, it is a joint test of 12 indicators and can be detected at one time. In actual operation, traditional PCR requires sample preparation, nucleic acid extraction, purification, amplification, hybridization with markers and other steps before final detection. This process is time-consuming, easy to pollute, and has higher requirements for operators and sites. Our panel has the characteristics of miniaturization, integration and automation. It can detect multiple indicators at a time, which largely solves the above problems, saves time and effort, and reduces pollution. Through simply storing a variety of health indicators on our health panel, you can get a number of reports about your physical health and health risks, so that you can better understand yourself and improve the quality of life.

Detectable Indicators

For ChildrenFor Adults
Obesity gene, depression, asthma gene, adhd, autism gene chronic sinusitis susceptibility genes, high myopia susceptibility genes, mathematical ability, memory, folic acid metabolism genes, the Mediterranean anemia talent gene, personality, emotional intelligence talent gene, intelligence quotient (IQ) gene, sports talent, artistic talent genetic testing, genetic metabolic disease detection...Coronary heart disease, hypertension, heart disease, stroke susceptibility gene, alzheimer's disease gene, Parkinson's disease gene, type 2 diabetes susceptibility gene, LASIK myopia surgery gene, alcohol metabolism gene, obesity gene, chromosome abnormality gene, skin anti-aging gene...

Operation Flow