APD Panel

Detection of animal and plant diseases is very important for people engaged in the fields of farming and agriculture. Timely detection of animal and plant diseases can enable owners to take measures in advance to ensure normal income. Starting from the aquaculture industry, we first detect fish and shrimp, feedstuff and aquaculture waters to see whether there are infections or not. There are more than 20 kinds of pathogens that can be detected. Future applications include detection of animals such as chickens and pigs.


Our detection panels are used in cooperation with the automated detection platform Virus Hunter and are pre-stored with a variety of different reaction reagents at one time according to actual needs. At present, it is a joint test of 12 indicators and can be detected at one time. In actual operation, traditional PCR requires sample preparation, nucleic acid extraction, purification, amplification, hybridization with markers and other steps before final detection. This process is time-consuming, easy to pollute, and has higher requirements for operators and sites. Our panel has the characteristics of miniaturization, integration and automation. It can detect multiple indicators at a time, which largely solves the above problems, saves time and effort, and reduces pollution. Our equipment and panels are small in size and easy to carry, which is very friendly to farmers and agricultural owners. The detection time is only 30-60 minutes, which is convenient for owners to grasp the quality data in real time.

Detectable Pathogen

Nucleic acid testing of stimulate crypto nucleusNucleic acid testing of Aeromonas hydrophilaNucleic acid testing of IRDO
Nucleic acid testing of multiple cantaloupesNucleic acid testing of Vibrio harvestrisNucleic acid testing of GIV
Nucleic acid testing of BPNucleic acid testing of EHPNucleic acid testing of HPV
RNA nucleic acid testing of TiLVNucleic acid testing of KHVRNA Nucleic acid testing of TSV
RNA nucleic acid testing of CMNVRNA nucleic acid testing of Grass carp hemorrhagic Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ virusesNucleic acid testing of WSSV
RNA nucleic acid testing of IMNVNucleic acid testing of ASFPathogenic nucleic acid testing of AHPND/EMS
RNA nucleic acid testing of MrNVNucleic acid testing of ISKNV/RSIVNucleic acid testing of IHHNV
RNA nucleic acid testing of IHNVRNA nucleic acid testing of SVCV

Operation Flow