Custom Panel

According to the specific application of nucleic acid amplification, we can customize the specific nucleic acid detection panel according to the primer combination provided by users. The application of the panel has unlimited possibilities. After detailed application negotiation with users, according to the scheme made for primer design provided by users, customized panels for users are produced.

Our detection panels are used in cooperation with the automated detection platform Virus Hunter and are pre-stored with a variety of different reaction reagents at one time according to actual needs. At present, it is a joint test of 12 indicators and can be detected at one time. In actual operation, traditional PCR requires sample preparation, nucleic acid extraction, purification, amplification, hybridization with markers and other steps before final detection. This process is time-consuming, easy to pollute, and has higher requirements for operators and sites. Our panel has the characteristics of miniaturization, integration and automation. It can detect multiple indicators at a time, which largely solves the above problems, saves time and effort, and reduces pollution. It can be imagined that our devices and panels will be able to be applied in various fields, and there is great room for development.

Custom Panel Manufacturing Process