Beauty skin gene detection panel


Personalized skin care starts with genetic testing

Star-chasing skin care does not solve the skin care problems. Scientific research shows that there are many skin problems of women due to blind skin care. Seborrheic dermatitis and acne are caused by overnutrition, and sensitive skin is caused by irritating skin care products. 

85% of skin problems derive from blind skin care. To solve skin problems, we need to understand our skin deeply. Personalized skincare genetic testing helps to understand the skin condition in genetic level.



        Genetic testing can scientifically analyze individual information through the most basic genetic unit information of the human body. For personalized skin care, accurate individual information provides the possibility for customized targeted skincare. Compared with the traditional skin testing process, genetic testing obtains Information that reveal skin condition at a deeper level. Also, it offers guidance to customize skincare that meet the characteristics of individual skin according to the differences in personal genes, reducing the problems caused by blind skin care. It fundamentally helps to improve the skin condition, and even contribute to a healthy life.

Detection highlights


Test items


Operation Flow



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