We are committed to using microfluidic technology and biotechnology to develop more efficient and cost-effective biotechnology products and solutions to improve people's health and happiness.
About Digifluidic

Digifluidic is composed of a group of leading scientists, engineers, and innovators worldwide who have deep scientific research backgrounds and extensive industry experience. The company's core is digital microfluidic technology and has developed various automated nucleic acid analysis systems to achieve precise automated in vitro diagnostics. It has rich product experience and technical capabilities in fields such as medical disease diagnosis, plant and animal disease detection, health indicator testing, import and export inspection and quarantine, and food safety testing, and strives tirelessly to help global customers quickly achieve innovative products.

  • 2018
    Digifluidic establishment/established
  • 14year
    Experience in the development of digital microfluidics
  • 37
    Intellectual property rights
Digifluidic Culture
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Company Team
Professor Pui-In Mak
Professor Pui-In Mak
Chief Scientist
Professor  Yanwei Jia
Professor Yanwei Jia
Chief Technical Advisor
Dr. Chen Tianlan
Dr. Chen Tianlan
Chairman and CEO
Dr. Dong Cheng
Dr. Dong Cheng
Vice General Manager