Dr. Cheng Dong
Release date:2023/04/08
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Dr. Cheng Dong

Vice General Manager

Postdoctoral researcher at National Key Laboratory

Participated in multiple bioengineering projects

Has years of experience in software, algorithms, and embedded system development

Participated in the development of a data system for a bank and published multiple papers in the microfluidics field

Obtained multiple patents in China and the United States

Graduated from the National Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed Signal Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits at University of Macau with a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Founder and Vice General Manager of Zhuhai Dichifu Rui Biotechnology Co., Ltd., mainly responsible for software development, hardware development, and talent training of the R&D team

Possesses solid professional knowledge and excellent research ability, and is also an excellent representative of academic and research cooperation between Macau and mainland China