Focus on "it": pet health detection
Release date:2022/09/29
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The epidemic lasted for three years, and perseverance and warmth flowed in everyone's mind. For countless "pet families", the health and safety of their pets has also become an important topic.

According to the White Paper on China's Pet Industry in 2018, the market size of China's pet industry has reached 170.8 billion yuan, of which the medical sector accounts for about 30 billion yuan. What is the proportion of the diagnostic market? According to the data in the White Paper, the number of cats and dogs in 2019 will be about 99 million.

According to the above situation, a rough assumption is made that a pet needs to be tested once a year, and the charge for each test is 100 yuan, of which the proportion of testing reagents is 30%. The capacity of the pet diagnostic market is about 9.9 billion yuan, and the testing reagent market is 3.3 billion yuan.

When estimating the development of China's pet medical market, we can refer to the United States. The United States has the largest pet industry in the world, with a household pet ownership rate of more than 60%, 160 million pet cats and dogs, and an output value of $60.3 billion. And pet food and medical care are the key industries of American pet industry. Many American pet medical enterprises have been listed, such as IDEXX Laboratory, an American pet health diagnosis company, VCA, Heska, an American manufacturer of pet medical testing equipment, and PetMed, an online pet drug retailer.

With the increase of urban population and the aging of China's population, pets, as good "companions", have entered more and more families and become an important member of the family. Pet medicine has become the second largest core industry after pet food. Because pet medicine has caught the pain of most "excrement removing officials", the consumer demand is continuous and relatively stable.

More and more people see the value that pets bring to mankind and are willing to pay more for "it".

Let's take cat heart disease prevention as an example.

(Because cats' heart diseases are mostly genetic diseases, most people do not carry out relevant gene testing in time when buying pets, and cats' heart diseases are difficult to cure when they have obvious symptoms.)

1. Heart test paper: about 100 yuan

Rapid screening of common heart disease in American F-BNP cats (as shown in the figure). B-type natriuretic peptide, also known as brain natriuretic peptide (BNP), is a natural hormone with biological activity synthesized by cardiac cells. The content in the blood of normal individuals is extremely low. When the heart function is not complete, this hormone will be released in large quantities to regulate the heart function. Therefore, by detecting the level of fBNP in the blood, we can determine whether the heart function is abnormal.

General pet hospital doctors will recommend testing. The specific operation is to draw blood and drop it into the test paper. The darker the blue dot is, the greater the risk of heart disease is. It needs to be operated under the guidance of a professional doctor.


(The picture shows the animal color Doppler ultrasound system)

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2. Heart color ultrasound: 800-1000 yuan

Visceral ultrasound is the most accurate examination method for the diagnosis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and also the gold standard for the diagnosis of the disease. B ultrasound can not only clearly observe the thickening of left ventricular wall, but also find other complications, such as mitral systolic forward motion (SAM) and left atrial dilation. Therefore, cardiac ultrasound can be taken as the first choice when conditions permit.

There are many specific operations for the heart color ultrasound machine to take pictures of the hair that needs to be shaved on the belly, and to turn the cat over and hold it down, for fear of stimulating the cat. When the disease is going on, doctors dare not take pictures. Only after the disease has not yet occurred or is completely stable. Cardiac ultrasound instruments are generally expensive. In addition, they require certain professional skills. Not all hospitals can take pictures.


(The picture shows the color Doppler ultrasound system for Mindray animals)

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3. Gene mutation point screening: cat hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) detection: 1000-3000 yuan

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is the most common disease, accounting for the top 90% of the causes of cat heart disease. Genetic testing is the best way to avoid hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The disease may be caused by different pathogenic genes in different varieties. At present, two different pathogenic genes have been found. Through timely screening, it can delay the development of the disease, improve the quality of life and prolong life.


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It is not difficult to see that pet diagnosis belongs to high consumption, which leads to many pet owners being persuaded to leave, causing problems for pet owners. So why is it expensive for pets to see doctors? One of the most important reasons is the high price of pet inspection equipment. In order to maintain the stability of the equipment, the equipment is generally eliminated once every three years. Since there are few domestic pet inspection equipment suppliers, most of them rely on imports, the price of pet diagnosis will rise.

Some domestic enterprises have already found this business opportunity. From the perspective of detection principle, most of the company's product pipelines are nearly covered with antigen antibody diagnostic products, and have not set foot in molecular diagnostic PCR with high technical difficulties.

The portable automatic animal disease detection device Virus Hunter, launched by Digifluidic Bio-tech can diagnose animal diseases early and accurately by using the technology in the field of human medicine, and the detection efficiency has been significantly improved.

Unique digital microfluidic chip: the detection equipment is suitable for detection of different animal epidemics, and the detection content can be customized

Portable automation: the equipment is portable, and the detection operation is completed highly automatically, supporting data upload and analysis

Ultra fast DNA melting curve analysis technology: The ultra fast analysis method on the digital microfluidic chip runs 300 times faster than that on the traditional PCR instrument, while the sample usage is reduced by 20 times.

Digifluidic Bio-tech has been listed with shrimp disease pathogen detection chip, fish disease pathogen detection chip, vibrio pathogen detection chip, etc., which can detect more than 20 kinds of pathogens.

Digifluidic Bio-tech relies on more scientific detection methods to help staff manage animal and pet health, and support reasonable "consumption degradation" in pet diagnosis market.