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Release date:2023/12/13
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Digifluidic, recognized for its innovative Digital Microfluidics Nucleic Acid Applications Platform 

Virus Hunter S, has been awarded the 2022 Productivity Promotion Award. The device offers 

advantages in terms of its small size, high integration, and high automation level. It completes 

various tasks from sample pretreatment to nucleic acid/protein extraction, purification, 

dispensing, reaction, and analysis, realizing "sample input and result output". It has a wide 

range of applications in the diagnosis of infectious diseases, cancer, precision medicine, 

and agricultural epidemic diseases.

The platform was developed by Dr. Oscar Chen, who led a team including Abby Liang, Tang Xiang, 

Luo Dasheng, Wu Xiangjun, and Yang Yian'ang. Recommended by the Macao University of the 

Greater Bay Area Productivity Promotion Service Alliance and assisted by the Macao Productivity 

Center in application submission, Digifluidic won the "Productivity Promotion (Innovation Devel-

opment) Third Prize".



Digifluidic became the winner of the "Productivity Promotion (Innovation

Development)  Award 2022"


The Productivity Promotion Award was established in 2003 with the approval of the Ministry of 

Science and Technology and the National Science and Technology Awards Office. It is organized, 

evaluated, and awarded by the China Association for Productivity Promotion. On October 20, 2023, 

according to relevant regulations such as the Measures for the Establishment of Science and 

Technology Awards by Social Forces and the Regulations on the Establishment of China Prod-

uctivity Promotion Association Productivity Promotion Awards, after procedures such as unit 

recommendation, formal examination, expert review, Publication of results, and handling of 

objections, the 2022 Productivity Promotion Award was awarded to units and individuals with 

outstanding achievements in productivity promotion.

The award includes four sub-awards: Development Achievements, Service Elites, Service Contri-

bution, and Innovation Development. It is recognized as an important award in China's productivity 

promotion and Technology Service Industry. The "Productivity Promotion (Innovation Development) 

Third Prize" is undoubtedly a recognition and affirmation of Digifluidic's continuous pursuit of 

biotechnology research and innovation.



Dr. Oscar Chen was invited to receive the award (7th from the left) on December 10th


Digifluidic Chairman and founder Dr. Oscar Chen was invited to attend the 2023 China Productivity 

Promotion Center Annual Meeting in Beijing and accept the award.

Digifluidic boasts the domestic first successful mass-produced EWOD nucleic acid POCT platform, 

Virus Hunter Plus fully automatic nucleic acid analyzer and digital microfluidic detection chip series 

products. It integrates the most mature magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction and fluorescent 

quantitative PCR detection technologies into chips. With digital microfluidic technology, it realizes 

a portable, efficient, precise, automated, and low-cost in vitro diagnostic solution.

In collaboration with leading enterprises such as LIVZON-Bio Co., Ltd., we have developed a 

respiratory tract twenty-three multiple pathogen rapid detection platform. Clinical samples tested 

at the Zhuhai Center for Disease Control and Prevention showed consistent results with commonly 

used influenza A and B virus detection reagents and COVID-19 detection reagents. In addition to 

detecting the pathogens commonly used in clinical practice, the platform can also detect more 

pathogens, enhancing monitoring and analysis work and achieving close monitoring of influenza 


On November 1st, the respiratory tract twenty-three multiple pathogen rapid detection reagent 

kit was included in the 2023 domestic reagent kit procurement project (3rd batch) of the Zhuhai 

Center for Disease Control and Prevention.



Virus Hunter Plus


Moving forward, Digifluidic will continue to uphold its mission of "Promoting high-quality health

 life for all" and focus on digital microfluidic technology. We aim to develop precise automated in 

vitro diagnostic equipment platforms and provide customized nucleic acid analysis products and 

services through open collaboration in multiple applications including [Medical] - in vitro diagnosis/

gene analysis, [Agriculture] - disease detection/gene analysis, [Pet] - pet physical examination, 

[Food safety] - authenticity/adulteration identification/pathogen detection. We strive to create 

better life science tools that drive high-quality innovation and development in social productivity.