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Release date:2019/04/26
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Dr. Chen Tianlan's entrepreneurial team from the University of Macau is one of the most exposed teams in Hengqin Macao Innovalley today, because their DNA detection equipment will be put into use in more than a month.

Early last year, Chen Tianlan received his tutor's last assignment to bring digital microfluidic chip technology, which had been brewed for nine years, to Hengqin incubator. Unexpectedly, just over a year's time, Chen Tianlan's team in Hengqin handed over a satisfactory answer.


Chen Tianlan, PhD from the University of Macau&Founder of Zhuhai Digifluidic Biotech Ltd.:

The corresponding r&d cost is also relatively low, and it is easier to connect with some resources in the industry in Hengqin, especially the upstream and downstream suppliers of our biochips, as well as capital connection and entrepreneurship training.

Chen Tianlan also changed, from a postdoctoral student to the company's boss. In addition to licensing relevant technology patents to Chen's company, UM also invested in the start-up company of the graduate team for the first time.


Chen Tianlan, PhD from the University of Macau&Founder of Zhuhai Digifluidic Biotech Ltd.:

In fact, we enjoy not only the policies of the greater bay area and Hengqin new area, but also the support of the Macao government. Professors are very supportive of the industry-university-research cooperation here. We will allocate more good technologies and resources of the University of Macau to connect with the resources of the greater bay area for better technology development and better transformation of industry-university-research cooperation.



Li Xin, Guangdong TV