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Release date:2019/11/16
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According to CNR Zhuhai, on November 15, on the 20th anniversary of Macao's return to the motherland and the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Hengqin New Area, under the guidance and support of Macao SAR government, Hengqin New Area government, Guangzhou people's Bank of China cross border office and other units, the two branches of Bank of China, Guangdong and Macao, jointly held the joint meeting of scientific and innovative enterprises from Hengqin and Macao for the 20th anniversary of Macao's return to the motherland - Bank of China investment and loan linkage and the launch of Guangdong Macao shared loan in Zhuhai, to provide innovative and efficient investment and financing services for 135 Macao science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises on the spot, and launch the "Guangdong Macao shared loan", open a new journey for Macao science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises where the two branches of Bank of China, Guangdong and Macao, work together to serve in Hengqin new area, and solidly help promote the moderate diversified development of Macao's economy.

In October this year, the head office of the Bank of China formulated the business development plan of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which clearly focused on the investment and loan linkage, gave full play to the group's comprehensive operation advantages, and provided cross institutional and integrated financial products for the scientific and technological innovation enterprises in the Greater Bay Area. Guangdong Branch of Bank of China, as the first financial institution to settle in Hengqin, support infrastructure construction of Hengqin with huge loans, and long-term commitment to support economic development of Hengqin, actively implemented the head office development plan, jointly innovated with Macao Branch of Bank of China, and took the lead in launching "Guangdong Macao shared loan" among financial industry, customized policies for Macao enterprises registered in Hengqin. For Macao enterprises registered in Hengqin, nine inclusive loan products are customized in terms of policies, assets and flows. Two branches of BOC recognize each other's corporate credit, exchange noble services, and form cross-border joint efforts to help enterprises grow stronger and bigger, so that enterprises can get the benefits of "credit sharing, service sharing and future sharing".

Zhuhai Digifluidic Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in Hengqin by three young students of Macao University. It is a high tech company which is led by molecular diagnosis technology, with digital microfluidic technology as the core, with automatic nucleic acid analysis system as the main product, designs and manufactures portable DNA detection equipment, and is oriented to the research, development, production and marketing of medical diseases detection, gene detection and food safety equipments. The team won the champion of the one million entrepreneurship competition sponsored by Macao University and Bank of China in 2019 and entered the national finals. Dr. Dong Cheng, one of the founders of the company, said with emotion during the on-site sharing: "the company is still in the stage of technology research and development and commercialization transformation. I didn't expect to get the support of Bank of China to obtain a three-year credit loan and become the first" Guangdong Macao shared loan "customer, creating more time and space for the commercialization transformation of our start-ups."