We are committed to using microfluidic technology and biotechnology to develop more efficient and cost-effective biotech products and solutions to improve people's health and happiness.
Release date:2018/12/25
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A portable device that can diagnose clinical and agricultural diseases is the goal of Dr. Chen and his company. The business plan grew out of a research project at the University of Macau and took shape in Hengqin Innovalley, an industrial park for entrepreneurs in Zhuhai.

"The industrial park is very close to Macao and the University of Macao, so we can make full use of Macao's human resources," said Chen Tianlan, founder and CEO of Digifluidic Biotech. "Second, the rent for the first year of the office is free".

Compared with doing scientific research, starting a business is a new experience for Mr. Chen. The first-time entrepreneur is pleased with the park's help.

Chen Tianlan, founder and CEO of Digifluidic Biotech, said, "the industrial park provided us with training to improve our management ability. In addition, there are patent applications, accounting and legal support.

Innovalley is located in Hengqin new district, a coastal island in Zhuhai, south China's Guangdong province. The new zone adjacent to Macao was established in 2009 to strengthen economic ties between the mainland, Macao and Hong Kong. At present, more than 2,600 Hong Kong and Macao enterprises have set up in Hengqin, and the number is increasing. Especially after the region's public service reforms in 2012, it became much easier to start a business in the region.
Dr. Chan's company's iconic product is currently in the testing phase. Once the technology is on the market, the next step is to raise money to build a production line. The industrial park has been helping Dr. Chen to contact with some investors. He is very grateful for all the help from the park and Hengqin new area. He believes that the company will expand in the near future.

Hengqin, Guangdong

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