Grand Release | Digifluidic's Latest Generation Product POCT System- Virus Hunter Plus
Release date:2023/07/24
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    Grand Release | Digifluidic's Latest Generation Product 

POCT System- Virus Hunter Plus

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On July 20th, 2023, Digifluidic's "From ZERO to ONE" global investment promotion and new

 product launch event was successfully held and concluded at the University of Macau.

This grand event was jointly organized by Digifluidic and the Institute of Collaborative Innovation

 (ICI) of the University of Macau. It received support from various organizations, including the 

Macau Chamber of Commerce, Macau Association of Enterprises, Zhuhai-M.U.S.T. Science and 

Technology Research Institute, and the Semiconductor Industry Association of the Hengqin 

Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone.

The grand event adhered to Digifluidic's core values of "creating better tools for human life

 sciences" and its mission to "promote high-quality health for all humanity." The company 

is committed to continuously driving the development of the healthcare, high-tech industries,

 and life sciences, while bridging the gap between regulatory authorities, experts, scholars, 

enterprises, and talents in the medical device industry. It aimed to build consensus within the

 industry and empower it, contributing to the integration and communication of global healthcare.

During the event, various activities such as new product launches, signing of collaboration 

agreements with partner organizations, medical-themed discussions, one-on-one consulting, 

and visits to the National Laboratory at the University of Macau were conducted. These 

activities provided a robust two-way communication platform for attendees to interact with 

Digifluidic and foster collaborative development.

【New Product Release】— Virus Hunter Plus 

Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) System

Digifluidic's latest generation product, the Virus Hunter Plus Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) System, 

was grandly unveiled at this event. The product presentation was delivered by Dr. Chen Tianlan, 

the General Manager of Digifluidic.





Special Guest Address


Professor Rui Paulo da Silva Martins, Vice President of the University of Macau, expressed his 

great pride and satisfaction at the "From ZERO to ONE" historical moment witnessed at this

grand event. He acknowledged Digifluidic as the first technology transfer-successful incubated 

tech enterprise since the establishment of the University of Macau. The two founders of Digifluidic,

Dr. Chen Tianlan and Dr. Dong Cheng, who are both alumni of the University of Macau, have 

truly achieved the industrialization of digital microfluidics, making significant breakthroughs 

and achieving remarkable success.

Professor Rui Paulo da Silva Martins believes that this day marks not only a small step in

Digifluidic's development but also a significant leap in the advancement of molecular POCT 

(Point-of-Care Testing) industry. He wholeheartedly wishes Digifluidic to continue its journey 

with this technology, striving forward, and creating more possibilities in the field of science 

and technology.


Dr. Dong Cheng, the co-founder and Vice President of Digifluidic, expressed that the latest 

generation product, VirusHunter Plus, is the result of the collective efforts of all Digifluidic 

members, driven by the core philosophy of creating excellent products and providing dedicated 

customer service. This event serves as a catalyst for Digifluidic, providing new impetus for the

 company's growth, indicating the new direction of future development, and opening up new 

channels for customer feedback.

Dr. Dong looks forward to further collaboration with representatives from various sectors, 

becoming partners in progress, and working together to promote the development of 

molecular POCT in China.

Signing Ceremony


Digifluidic and SyntechFuels Ltd signed a strategic partnership agreement

Through the strategic partnership with SyntechFuels Ltd, Digifluidic aims to leverage their 

channel resources to enter the European market, particularly in Portugal and surrounding regions. 

This collaboration will enable Digifluidic to explore and develop applications in local hospitals, 

clinics, pharmacies, and other relevant healthcare settings. The ultimate goal is to establish and

 enhance the influence of the Digifluidic brand overseas.


Digifluidic has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Tasteful Ideas Consulting


Through the collaboration with Tasteful Ideas Consulting, Digifluidic aims to further promote 

the market expansion of its food safety products. This partnership will facilitate the optimization 

of product positioning and application scenarios, as well as the establishment of relevant testing 

standards for food processing procedures. The joint efforts will enhance the overall effectiveness 

and reach of Digifluidic's food safety solutions.

Theme Sharing

The grand event was honored to invite three experts and scholars to share their insights and 

engage in discussions on the development of the medical industry. In the future, Digifluidic 

will continue to maintain close connections and cooperation with the industry, to strengthen 

the academic foundation for molecular diagnostics and to establish an industrialization 

development platform.



Dr. Huang Mingxing, the Director of Zhuhai Third People's Hospital, delivered a presentation 

"Tuberculosis Prevention and Surveillance in Zhuhai City"



Dr. Hao Hu, the Director of Pediatrics at the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen 

University, delivered a presentation on the topic of "Prospects of Point-of-Care Testing 

(POCT) in Neonatal Applications."



Dr. Wei Tao, a Master's supervisor in the Department of Biotechnology at the College of 

Food Science, South China Agricultural University, delivered a presentation on the topic 

of "Engineering Microorganisms Development Based on Synthetic Biology Strategies."


Consultation Stand 

The event featured four main application-oriented exhibition booths:

·Medical - In Vitro Diagnostics / Genetic Analysis

·Agriculture - Disease Detection / Genetic Analysis

·Pets - Pet Health Examination

·Food Safety - Authenticity Testing / Pathogen Detection

Additionally, Digifluidic set up a cultural wall representing the company's development, and

 installed a biosafety cabinet for safety measures. These exhibits received enthusiastic inquiries 

and interest from the guests attending the event. The attendees comprised over two hundred 

guests, including entrepreneurs and representatives from various fields such as medical, 

biotechnology, technology, finance, investment, construction, and media.






Visiting and exchanging ideas 

After a lunch break, the leaders and guests went to visit the State Key Laboratory of Analog and 

Mixed-Signal VLSI at the University of Macau. Digifluidic was honored to have Professor Pui-In 

Mak, the director of the laboratory, provide a patient and detailed introduction to the lab's team, 

development history, and research activities.


The attending representatives from various companies expressed their amazement at the latest 

generation of Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) integrated system, the Virus Hunter Plus, unveiled at 

the venue. They are eagerly looking forward to exploring its potential applications in different 

fields and expressed their keen interest in engaging in in-depth discussions and collaborations 

with Digifluidic in the future.


The press conference was a resounding success, and all Digifluidic staff members, along with the 

attending guests, have embarked on a new journey that will lead the development of molecular 

diagnostics to new heights.


The following delegates and representatives attended this summit:

· Liu Yiliang - National People's Congress Representative for Australia Region, Vice 

Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) for Overseas 

Chinese, and Vice Director of the Macau Chinese General Chamber of Commerce.

· Chi Tenghui - Director of the Financial Development Bureau of the Hengqin 

Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone.

· Yu Shimin - Manager of the Market Promotion Department for Portuguese-Speaking 

Countries of the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute.

· Rui Paulo da Silva Martins - Vice President of the University of Macau.

· Xu Jian - Vice President of the University of Macau.

· Ge Wei - Vice President of the University of Macau.

· Pui-In Mak - Professor at the University of Macau.

Additionally, relevant officials from Macau and Hengqin, as well as representatives

from associations and social organizations, also participated in this summit.

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